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As a international recruitment provider, we aim to teach or refresh skill sets to individuals who are in the process of finding work in order to speed up both their job search and the application process for employers.

We work with employers to meet their specific requirements and work with the Department of Work and Pensions in order to secure quality candidates. We provide job ready candidates who have already gone through an initial screening programme and who have completed industry relevant courses. All our courses are pre-funded so no cost to the employer.

For the job seeker, we offer a streamlined service to put them in touch with employers and match skill sets with employer requirements. We offer courses to bridge any gaps or refresh knowledge, and will work together with candidates to complete their application, providing advice, support and practical help, ensuring our partnered employers have the best possible candidates, who are job ready for their interview.

Employment Ready Training Programme

Our training courses are classroom based and designed to match the intended working environment. Together with recognised accreditations such as health and safety in the work place, we ensure a fully prepared and competent candidate is presented for an interview.

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